Thought conveyance portal.

What would you do with an unlimited amount of money?

Uh huh… no morgage…for any of my family
New wheels!!!
an all expense paid holiday for all my on-line friends to La Crete and to explore the NWT.  We would have 12 revisited in town Woot woot
I would pay people to visit me…well pay their way, but only people I know already
Laser hair removal..  or waxing
I would get a personal trainer, and a tailor
I would live in the country with a dog..
I would NOT order a mail-order husband
I would pay for a complete make-over so that I would look fabulous and people would nto recognize me so I could do singles tours and such with out money grubbing jerks chasing me.
I would travel
I would go on missions trips, and donate to other people to go on missions trips
okay… that is enough for now.

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