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Mundane Mornings ROCK!!

A Mundane morning
A clear blue sky
What!! a little mud in your eye?

vision restored
sight renewed
Huh!!  Has everything come unglued?

promises kept
truth revealed
Eh?  hath nothing your heart appealed?

moments passing
time gone by
Ha Ha you know planes were meant to fly?

joys surpassing
rejoice and hear
The time of Christ will soon draw near!!

live in truth
seek each day
Lord come into my heart today!!

Theresa Janzen April 30, 2009

Planes are safest on the ground but they were meant to fly!!  That is from Vitus… and you know it speaks to me.  Take a risk, take a chance!!  You only have today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is out of reach… LIVE IN TODAY!!   I am not all energetic today, in fact the opposite.  My legs hurt ..and other things are going on, but it will be a good day no matter what.  Why can I say that?  Because the truth will still remain the truth.. and the truth is "My God reigns, He is alive".  So onward and upward.  May grace abound to you and fill you with understanding and peace.


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