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Talent in La Crete!!

Last night I got to attend M.A.D. Evening… it was a Music Art and Drama evening… with dessert!!  The choir was great, some real WOW singers in there too!!  The dramas presented were engaging… the first left me thinking…was that the end??  The second almost had me in tears.  Dayna Elias rocked as the main character and he really brought the true feelings he was to portray into reality.  Elena Petzold also held her end in the first play, it was just that it didn’t seem to have a proper ending…  I thought it must not be over..but it was.

The dessert was good, but I realize I am over eating again so time to shew more slowly and drink more tomato juice… MMMMMM  Good idea I g2g!! 

Have a God day!!  I had the strangest dream that I had gotten a e-mail from a friend stating "please do not send me political, religious, opinionated…blah blah blah…forwards… "  I checked my Blackberry..phew it wasn’t real!!  And it must be noted that the "dream e-mail" was not just sent to me there 😛


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