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*Priest Twin*

Our priest suddenly became ill and asked his twin brother, also a
priest, to fill in for him and conduct a funeral Mass scheduled for
that day. His brother, of course, agreed.

It was not until the brother was accompanying the casket down
the aisle, however, that he realized that he had neglected to ask the
sex of the deceased. This was information that he would need for his
remarks during the service.

As he approached the first pew where the deceased’s relatives
were seated he nodded toward the casket and whispered to one woman,
"Brother or sister?"

"Cousin," she replied.

** Isn’t it true that sometimes we search for clarity only to find the answer we receive though being truth is not what we wanted.  I think partly it is in how we phrase the question.  I have a question I need to ask someone and I really do not want to hurt them but I need to have clarity.  I pray I ask the right question use the right words and don’t chicken out.

Watch this she is FABULOUS!!!  Susan Boyle Aprill 11, 2009.


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