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Today a short story

Well today a new day dawned.  The air was crisp and much had changed.  She stretched and was a bit annoyed that her pesky feline friend had again awaken her before the appointed time by jumping noisily to the window sill to sulk about the blowing snow…. SNOW?!?!?  Yes snow, and th ewinds were blowing hard. The world was again blanketed with white, what was mud and dirt now looked white and clean… how deceitful… for with one wrong step one could find themselves caked with that sticky black tar that lurks in every puddle!!

She stretched and bumped her feet against the other feline in the family.  His cool grey coat soft and warm, his frosty mint eyes shut tight as he slept.  A she wondered what he was doing in her room when his owner lay fast asleep downstairs?  The little traitor!  He was lured by the warm feather bed and the more peaceful occupant.  What an interesting day lay ahead….  What adventures lurked behind closed eyes…

And here she be at work for she is me.

Yes it will be a good cool spring day…


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