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MONDAY MONDAY..oh Tuesday!!

Okay so taking off my binoculars I am telling myself to breath and look with my day to day glasses instead.  I have to make up the schedule for work and one of our staff is leaving… so far I have lots of days with only 4 staff members and one day with only 3.  I could shuffle stuff around so that I would make my brother work that day and thereby have 4.  But I am cursed with the responsibility to make sure that I do not take advantage of the schedule.  But I need to schedule in a new hire… HELLO someone come work here who will love us and we love them.  You don’t have to stay forever, but 6 months to 3years would be great.

We have prospects on one worker for beginning of July… But  need someone already in May.  I give it to God.

Then there is also the problem with feeling like I am being replaced on a comfortable position in a location I best not say.  I can logically tell myself that this is not true…but alas they are talking to my replacement more than me.  My replacement is funnier and more relaxed… probably more emotionally stable.  Rats I feel boring and old… sigh.  GRRRR…  I have not been myself for the last little while either, that just doesn’t help.  I think also it is the fact that I am letting go of the comfortable spot and moving in a new direction.  I miss being there though, but it is just not the same as of late.  I am glad that what I feel is not what people really feel, it is just what I feel.  Views change and people grow apart, but true friends are together in their hearts.  Or so the story goes LOL!!

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