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My Munchkin Quest expereince

Ever heard of Munchkin Quest?  I played it last night with my brother
and his crew… they needed a sixth player and thought I would be good
at it.  I was quieter…well sort of… I am a keen observer of the
unnecessary information… I kept asking annoying questions for the
first while and my cousin "helped" me.  Really he helped himself
through me… but I got revenge on him and it never profited him any
thing!!  His character had the curse of a sex change placed on it
for most of the game he was a girl too LOL..I didn’t do that I just
made a monster +5 to a +10 that he could not use magic around LOL.  e
couldn’t buff he couldn’t use any weapons that were magic NOTHING
lol… it was great… he dropped 2 lvls and and lost 2 out of 4 health
points LOL.

It was hilarious… I was a ELF, wearing a Horny Helm, Flaming
armor, I had pink bunny slippers that aided my movement, I had the
curse of sex appeal placed on me… I have pictures of the cards.  I
just thought it was ironic the stuff I got.  I never really fought any
monsters…I just got more and more loot and stuff.. but with out
fighting I had to buy lvls which is much slower.  I got a real cool
sword with only one problem, I could not fight squid… one of the
other guys in the next room to me spawned the squid one round later…

Pictures to follow.


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