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The end to an Era

Selena is leaving us…  After a couple years of loyal and excellent work she is headed off in a new direction.  I will miss her and I know our customers will miss her as well.  Change is a good thing, shakes us up when we settle into well worn ruts..  RATS!  It is bumpy getting out of those ruts though, one is bound to hit their head on the ceiling at least once!!

Lord I once again place my worries about our business in Your hands.  No amount of worrying on my part can help.  Lord I pray for wisdom and guidance in this aspect of my life and in every aspect.  Help us to find a new employee who is willing to learn all the things that we need, as well as care for our customers and treat them with respect.  I thank  you Lord for the employees you have lead through our doors and I ask you bless them and increase them.  Give them confidence in this world and may they grow in our presence so that they will be better people for having been here.  Amen.


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