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What a sunny day.. all you shadows fleet away!!

Well today I have energy… way more than I know what to do with.  I woke up as my  alarm went off.. my early alarm… I am dog sitting at my folks for two spoiled dogs so they have to go out around midnight and then early in the morning.  I think they adjust their bladders when I come to look after them, because my mom will get up during the night for them, and I sleep like a log so they can not wake me up.  Neener neener neener to Bobbin and Bailey!!

I walked to work and was EARLY so I ran the stairs..okay I lie..I fast walked the stairs at work.  I went till my knees were tickly weak..then I went once more.  I have not felt like this in a long time, gives me hope for the future.  I like it when I am awake and inspired in the morning. 

I think what made the difference was my honest heart felt pray before I went to sleep.  I want to be honorable and confident with my Lord.  I do not want to deceive or be deceived.  That means no rationalizing away concerns or making excuses, sticking to God’s golden rules.


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