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My soapbox!!!

As the official Acct. Rec. Manager at our store I stand on my soap box and say "IF YOUR LATE PAY THE INTEREST!!"  Hello!!  I am so tired of big companies whining about the interest incured on their account.  They are so full of it… and of course it is our fault because we must have consistently mailed our statements late….  Huh… yeah okay.  Hello if I charge at their business and am late.. I pay the silly fee… why are they such babies?  We don’t even mail invoices we give them along with the package of whatever they are purchasing…  They have a internal problem I believe… sniveling little snots… 

Breath in…. Breath out.  I realize in all honesty they will probably get the interest voided, but I see it as an insult and hypocrisy.  As well as a ongoing open pussy wound…  For in a year or 2 they will again be whining about the interest on their account because they can not just have a company credit card like any normal company these days…

Ah well I will forgive and forget it now, but will have to deal with the actual process of voiding the charges later on.  Though I could focus my energy on getting the ire up on my boss so that he will not want to void them… but alas the squeaky wheel gets the oil… jerks! 

Not a very Christian Easter time blog, but it is the passion in my life to fight against hypocrisy in business.   And then to get the last laugh…  when I mock them on my blog.. cause in real life…they get the last laugh, AND THEY DON’T EVEN CARE TO USE IT!!

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