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Such a world all I can do is pray

Lord may the eyes of the world see you not as we Christians humbly and all to often poorly try and represent You, but may the world see You as You are, and amazing, awesome, loving, sacrificing, forgiving, hoping, wonderful, praise worthy, inviting, honorable, holy, LIVING Saviour. 

Lord as the world struggles, groans and stretches… as earthquakes, wars and tragedies are in this world may we represent your love and your compassion on those who are suffering.  Help us not bandstand our individual beliefs but to stand up for Your faith when we NEED to not out of pride or self-righteous acts.   Jesus drew a crowd, He did not get on a personal soapbox, but rather spoke to those who the Father drew to Him.  Lord I honestly don’t know the right time to talk at times, but help me be compassionate and gracious when I do speak.  Not judging as men judge, but loving as you love.  Please be with those in Italy as they struggle with an earthquake, be with those in Iraq & Afghanistan and all the waring places, be with the people, the soldiers and the politicians.  Help us to hold strong to the hope you promised and be strong even when heckled, not throwing insult for insult, but turning to You Lord for comfort and strength.  Even in this year 2009 we know you are sovereign over all, and trust you.  Amen.


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