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Humbles caused by grumbles

Well I am feeling better today.  They are right when they say physical exercise in the great outdoors is the ticket and safest anti-depressant. 

I had a humbling experience lately.  My folks provided my sibs and I  with gas cards.  They pay the bill for us… What??  I choose to be independent and pay my own gas, I do not understand how my sibs can make (or allow) them to pay for them??  Okay the humbling experience is that I lost my  gas card (my personal one that I pay)… I had no choice but to use the one from my folks, but I know my unit  # so I will pay them back.  Is it pride though?  They are more than willing to pay it for me, but I Want to be independant.  I was humbled because here I was doing the same thing as my sibs.. and I judge them for it.  I feel they are taking advantage of my folks, but honestly my folks are OFFERING.. so is it pride that stops me from accepting?  And am I infact being the disrespecting one?  My folks do not seem to worry about it either way, but I feel I need to make my own way and they need to save for their retirement (or travel now and ENJOY life!!  Hello!!)

I found my gas card BTW so Whoo Hooo!!  Freedom!!… wait I don’t own a car????


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