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A poem – Out of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness our King leads
Come follow me!  Our Savior pleads
Look to the light..Do you see Him there?
Look to the heavens the way is clear

The veil is broken, His ways are true

He has made the way for you!
Through pain and suffering He went
to teach us all of what His life meant

Now out of the darkness we can climb
one step forward, one moment in time
He holds down His hand and cries

"My children come! don’t believe the lies"

The darkness is lying, claims of "no hope"
quietly tries to hide all evidence of the rope
the one Jesus threw to those brave enough to grasp

to take hold of the treasure that lasts

Darkness is fleeting and it’s reign is done
It ended when God sent His only Son
When Jesus, the blameless lamb
took on our sins in the Master’s plan

Look to the LIGHT look and Live
Look to the life He choose to Give
Look to the tomb, it’s an empty hole
Look towards Jesus and He’ll cleanse your soul

Theresa April 2, 2009


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