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WORD OF THE DAY…  contretemps \KAHN-truh-tahn\, noun;

plural contretemps \-tahnz\:

An inopportune or embarrassing situation or event; a hitch.

Well yesterday I was just trying to engage the services of one of my friends when they took my words out of context… and then ran with it like all true and noble friends do.  Sigh…  Well I didn’t really need help or anything so mocking me was enough to cure my boredom.  
I merely asked if one of the fellows was "up top" meaning on the 12DS server as opposed to the Deep Places server…  seemed like a reasonably safe question.

I am depressed and self-focused again… I must fight this doom and gloom feeling.  Please Lord help me to see with Your eyes the blessings all around and see with compassion where I can share them and with whom.  Amen.


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