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I has me a passionate side!! Woot woot!! Or is it opinionated side?

I guess I am passionate about issues after all… though I am sure some people knew this all along..I however did not know.

I got this e-mail ed it and found the truth..  well according to Snopes…  but I also found out some of the comments in the e-mail were good but they were surrounded by someone’s failed attempts to get me on "their side".  It actually made me mad that someone was stirring up the racial anger…for what reason??  Fun?  They were not willing to put their names on the e-mail..No they picked a celebrity who had been caught on tape making derogatory comments…which he went to court over.

In any case I could not refrain from e-mailing back to the person who sent it to me.  And I know that sometimes this can hurt feelings but I needed to tell her that it was false.  I tried to point to the comments I agreed with, but say that the balance of the e-mail was racist.  I shall see if she stops e-mailing me because of it..hopefully not, I would miss her comments and e-mails.

I am not sure if I am passionate about racism (not being it but fighting it) or truth.


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