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March 26..6 years of blogging.. and my grandma’s Bday

Wow six years of blogging…  and it only feels like I started …eons ago!  I never thought in terms of how long I have blogged, only in quality.  Which I admit lacks at times, but surpasses at other times.  I wonder who actually reads this, and for those I know who do… are you encourage, discouraged or other?  I aim for encouraged of course, but one never knows the impact of a few simple words.  What encourages one might just discourage another..or not affect anyone as it affects me LOL…

Just like when a story is told there is yours, mine and the truth!  Our perspectives are different based on the experiences we have had.  Well I enjoy blogging even if no one reads it, and to be honest sometimes it is easier to blog when I feel no one is reading it LOL… then I can be way too honest about my thoughts.

Well God bless! 

And yes the 26th was my Grandma Janzen’s Birthday!  What a wonderful lady she was.  She learned to drive when she was 65-75 I forget which LOL…  But it sure encouraged me to learn to drive…I am not brave by nature, only through encouragement and the blessings of God. 


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