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A night with a boy!!

Well yesterday was the last of my dance lessons…I didnt go.  I spent the evening with a boy instead.

Okay I was babysitting Gabriel my god-son while his folks went to the hospital.  His daddy is real sick, in fact he will be at home all week.  I felt a bit selfish in my thinking… it was my last class…  But I want to be a good friend too.  So I felt a bit torn, and just decided not to tell them about dance..if they got back in time I would go if they didn’t I wouldn’t.  I could have made arrangements with my mom to switch me off, but I am stubborn at times.  Or is it lazy LOL, as  I really didn’t want to have any stress about it at all…and asking my mom really wouldnt have been a stress, just a teeny tiny bit of effort….  I guess it was laziness 😛

It was a fun evening with the boy too.  I do not understand what he wants, but I think I could if we spent more time together one on one.  He was real cuddly as we got close to his bed time, and honestly I am grateful for the time spent with him.  So that is what I did last night I spent time with Gabriel, MY god-son!  Ha take that you scoffers!!


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