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The Sun shines

The Sun shines in the morning
when eyes are shut and closed
the Sun shines in the evening
though no eyes beholds

The Sun shines on the broken
though they are in too much pain to know
the Sun shines on the whole
though they don’t let it show

The Sun shines on the water
the reflections gather round
the Sun shines on the soil
where the shadows are found

The Sun shines in the window
filling the room with light
The Sun shines on the airplane
and makes the morning out of night

The Sun shines on closed eyes
waiting for them to see
The Sun shines on open eyes
and He smiles to you and me

Theresa Janzen March 23/09

On Saturday I was privileged to attend a MCC fund raising event.  The proceeds went to Ethiopia and the MCC project there.

The one speaker was talking about how he was on a plane and how he doesn’t sleep on planes… he wandered way off the topic talking about a sister of a co-worker..then he came back to the plane.  He said he found it inspiring that light penetrates the darkness but not the other way around.  One person opens a blind in the morning and the whole plane is filled with light.  And it is amazing how one beam of light can change a large space.

That is how it is supposed to be when a person honestly follows the Holy Spirit and walks in the foot steps of Christ.  Christ’s love should flow from them filling the dark places with light.

Be encouraged!!  Be enlightened!!  Feel loved and appreciated!!  May the God of heaven fill you with every good thing and be the light unto your path, so your feet may be kept from stumbling and your toes kept from stubbing!!


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