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No Ink I think

I keep getting told that I should use my art for tattooing… I believe that the Lord said that we were not to have tattoos, and that is why I have not.  I copied link about ink… ha ha ..yeah that was lame..  But here is what I got  Link on Ink

I wonder what happens to those people who have tattoos already?  I am sure glad God looks to the heart and not the skin.  But knowing that God looks to the heart then does that make it right to get a tattoo?  I think not, for sure not for myself in any case.  I have friends who have tattoos and they are good friends too.  I do not view them different because of their tattoos.

Lord,  help us have wisdom in these little things and enough compassion and understanding to look past the surface.  To see life with Your eyes and to let Your glory show, Your love and Your grace.  Amen.


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