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Giving up and going on

People seem to think I can not make a mistakes, good thing my friends know I do.  I am a sinner, I am not finished this pruning and polishing process that God started.  I gave up more than Facebook for Lent, and in that I am struggling.  Facebook was easy to give up in a way, perhaps because most of the people I chatted with on there I can communicate to in other ways, and I am assuming the people I can not talk to will understand when I return. 

Sigh… One of my fears in life is that I will let people down.  I really would like to be an inspiration to lead people to God, but I am soo not that powerful.  I often feel like I am affecting everyone around me, like I am responsible if their thinking gets twisted, or they feel depressed.  The weight of the world is not on my shoulders Hello you nutter!!  The weight of the world is on Christ’s shoulders.  I  need to keep looking to Him, and trusting in Him.

That is the only way to make it to the end of this path and to find Him.

I told someone the other day that I was praying for them to meet someone who would love them enough to give their life for him.  He thought I meant a girl.. I meant Jesus Christ.  Jesus already gave His life for him, but he has not met Christ in His fullness yet, but I pray he does.


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