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my thoughts.. my thoughts, my thoughts, my thoughts…

Well my new computer has MSN messenger, Team Speak, and NWN loaded on it so far…oh yeah and I-tunes..  I still have to put my BlackBerry software on it, my pen tablet, and perhaps FinePix… unless I just use the photo program that comes with Vista… I’ll have to test it out tonight.

Dance class was fun last night.  We are learning a new routine.  I hurt my  back and my ankle…though I didn’t know I had stressed them till this morning..  Well my back I felt last night, but my ankle not at all.  It was a slower routine but more floor work involved and slower movements.  I like the faster movements more and I get lost easy now as it is slow then picks up and slows down… the music is not beat orientated.   There is one spot where I just get mixed up…Susanne my teacher had me straight about it for 3 seconds… but blast it all I just go left when I need to go right…  Oh well perhaps with practice.  We have 3 weeks left till the end.

I am headed off to Grande Prairie this weekend.  Ewa and I are celebrating her new job and her 3 month evaluation, in which she did EXCELLENT!!  We are getting the spa treatment…well some of it.  facials, hair and Youch!! some waxing.  It should be a fun time.  I hope to get a good pair of jeans, and perhaps a new top or two.   We are going to sit in the hot tub and go swimming, perhaps take in a movie. 

My eczema might be returning… I have not had any for over 2 years.  Needless to say the cream that worked then is well out-dated.  I sure hope it goes away again, I’d hate to sport a flaky red neck again 😛  YUCKY.  It vanished easily with only 2 applications of the cream last time… Please Lord can it do so again?  It is only a dime sized spot, but it grew rapidly. 

Life is interesting at the moment.  Things are happening and I am not sure about them yet.  I guess I am slower at making certain decisions than I used to be, though my mind is still in want of things.  I also am leery to trust the "judgements" of my friends, but I do value their advice and opinions.  I just weight it against my own understanding of things and make up my own mind.  This is better I think, then I can not blame them and I am also deciding for myself.

Well I continue through Jeremiah… I am at chapter 23…  it was .. interesting.  Well okay here is what I found repetitious from my real life conversations.  In verse 36 "But you must not mention ‘the oracle of the Lord’ again, because every man’s own word becomes his oracle and so you distort the words of the living God, the Lord Almighty, our God."  And my friend Cameron was talking about pastors who twist the bible to say what they want it to.  I tend to listen and pay close attention during church, I listen to hear what God has to say not necessarily what the pastor is saying.  I guess that makes me a bit oblivious to what is actually said, but I tend to not judge a pastor and trust that they are speaking from their hearts.  I am fortunate to be able to say that the churches I have attended have been shepherded well, but I have hear some wrong teaching as well.  I think it is important to pray for the pastor throughout the week, for it is not an easy job and it carries a great responsibility. 

I hope to have read through Jeremiah by Easter, as I include it in my lent package.  Give up FaceBook and read my bible more…however the reading more is proving to be a challenge!  This will be the first time I have tried lent to see how it actually works in a persons life, and I think the giving up FaceBook has been good for me.  I am no longer drawn to "connect" while at work, which I believe is unethical… though here I am blogging from work…  I’ll work on that too LOL…


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