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Chocolate pretzels qualify as a healthy breakfast right?..  I mean wholewheat pretzels covered in rich milk chocolate…  Mmmmm  wheat and milk.. those are breakfast faves.

I realize I am not ready.   Enough said.
I want a POEM!!! NOW!!

At work it seems to be
that all we think about is "me"
we want the work to be done
whilst we are having fun

perhaps if we thought about "us" for a while
perhaps then we can work together and all together smile
"We" can do the work less than the time of "I"
and together share the load and help the time go by

I guess it is up to this "me" to say
I give up my time for us in a simple way
let me do that with you till the work gets done
then together, after this, perhaps we can have some fun

now there is work enough I see
for all the "you"s and "me"
if we each take up our share
and carry this load we bear

together with the "you"s and "me"s
all the things will get done with ease
All the things from big to small
will get done by us all

work together you yahoos!!
lets have no more big "boo hoo"s
the time is now the work is here
starting today and lasting all year

March 10, 2009 by Theresa J

And now to go to work… BOO HOO lol


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