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On March the 9th in the year of our Lord 2009…or something

Well here we are in another day, statements said in days past still dance around and make me wonder.  I am not sure what the future holds, I am not always sure what people mean, I do not know what I mean at times, but what I do know is that today happened.. it started with the light and will end after the dark.  And then Lord willing we will have another day.  Each day is a chance to explore and have adventures…  to try, to strive, to wonder!!  To run in the snow instead of walking on the beaten path.  I am not sure why the simple act of struggling through deep snow gives me a smile, and relaxes me to the core, but thank the Lord that He put me in Canada where we have snow and sun and all that is fun. 

I want to play NWN on my new PC.. I want to sneak away from this world and relax in that one for a time.  To feel powerful, accepted, helpful, devious and fun.  I found out last night that I actually did have the recovery disk for my old PC, so now I have to wonder what to do with it?  I could put it downstairs and let the brady bunch play on it and totally mess it up or store it forever unused…  Hmmmm….  questions questions….

I know I like my new computer already. It is quieter, smaller, cooler..I assume faster and just is NEW.  But the old one works well, the size of it is an issue for me.  It takes up way too much space and gets in the way…  I think I’ll keep it upstairs and perhaps get a cable so I can share the monitor… then I will run one as my art storage unit…  Perhaps… I am not sure at the mo.  We shall see…

It is annoying when someone simply says "interesting" with out elaborating on what they mean… Oh well I guess I get to assume it was not important    I am a little tired out at this particular moment.. that 3:00 slump that will occur at 4:00 till I get used to day-light savings time… 


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