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Fireproof your relationship… and your marriage

Fireproof a movie that reaches out and heals within.  It’s only a movie, God does the real healing.  I really enjoyed the characters, I could empathize with them because in many ways that is me.  I have my addictions that keep me from a closer relationship with God.  Partly that is why I gave Facebook up for Lent, but when I read about what Lent was really about I realized it was not about giving up something, but about what you add in to take it’s place.  So what am I adding in to take the place of the time I spent chatting, scrabbling and just plain old goofing off…well I am reading more of my bible which is something I can get involved in when I give God the time.  I really can see life in those pages and issues we face now are often ones that were faced back then.  We tend to forget what our fore fathers went through, how they were beaten when they followed the will of God, how Job said "we thank God for the good things, how can we curse Him for the bad."

I realize how little I know, and am encouraged that even at my age I can still learn.  Plus I find the voyage fun, even if I get seasick at times. 

After our church showed the movie I was PUMPED…I just wanted to run through the snow and laugh.  I wouldn’t have cared if I had to do it alone… I couldn’t because I was the driver and felt I needed to be responsible for a bit.  Sometimes I wonder if there will be someone who will "get me" when I feel like that.  Will they know how to share the moment with me and not disrupt it.  And I wonder how fragile the moment is and how I felt alone but joyful in it.  Maybe I am designed to be single, or maybe 710 was right when he said when I meet the right fellow then I’ll settle down…  We shall see, this trip aint over until I am at my saviour’s feet…and then even it is just begun.


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