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LOL Squares!

More edible vegetable, than artistic vegetable:

For those of us who struggle to handle a watermelon because of its size
and shape, help is at hand. Tesco has developed a new square version
which can be sliced like a loaf of bread. The supermarket says many
people are put off the refreshing and healthy fruit because it rolls
around in the fridge, or it is difficult to slice and eat; so they have
adopted growing techniques, which originated in Japan, to offer the
square versions.

There is no weird science or genetic modification involved in the
process. They are grown in wooden boxes with clear sides which are
placed around the growing fruit which naturally swells to fill the
surrounding shape. The melons, which feature distinctive dark green and
yellow stripes, are being grown in Brazil by one of Tesco’s regular
suppliers and take 60 days to reach maturity.

Square melons are already available in Japan where they are sold for
about 10,000 yen or roughly a sky high £46 [$92USD] appealing only to
the better off as show piece food.

These melons are grown to the exact size so that they fit easily onto the shelves of ‘fridges in Japan.


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