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Reaching for the stars….my blurb at the bottom

Reaching For The Stars

I came to realize one day a thing in life that we all often take
for granted.

We reach for the stars because they are so beautiful and they
are something we want so bad.

Yet we also have a beautiful flower on our table picked from our
flower garden that we can have and we push it aside unnoticed.

Life is also like that.

We want something we can’t have like the stars, but what we can
have like the flower, we don’t even acknowledge.

Take time to enjoy the flowers that you have instead of trying
to touch the stars that you can’t reach.

Stars are beautiful like other things in life but they were
never meant for us to have.

This is a lesson from God to me as what my priorities should be.

Be thankful for the things we have because we may lose them
someday and we will know how much we should have treasured them.

A MountainWings Original by subscriber Darrell, from Maben, MS

ME: I think yes I see your point, but it is in balance between being thankful for what we have and yet still reaching for the stars to improve things for our selves and for what we have.  It is in shooting for the stars with out loosing sight of what we have that we can make the most of our Talents as God wants us to.  Not to bury and treasure what we have but to grow and prosper….  my thoughts anyway.


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