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Saturday with Pepsi in hand-23 to go

LOL  How many people read about powerful Pooh LOL  So funny to think people read that HA HA HA

Funny how sometimes I am shy and the next time I write utter nonsense and boldly post it on here.

Today is a day of a thousand days…  I mean I am wiped out from lack of sleep and get to work on top of it all!!  It’s a good day too, relaxed and good co-workers..not that I have bad ones.  LOL I am spoiled and laughing too much ..teh heh.  Well I guess it is more LOI as I am real quiet and all I hear is the clicking of the keys.

My prayers go out to those who have lost loved ones.  We had a fellow in today whose wife is still carrying their still born child, apparently they have to wait for a specific doctor before the baby’s body can be laid to rest.  I can not imagine it at all…from any aspect.  Please pray.  Thank you


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