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Powerful pooh!! LOL … I like bathroom humor… now thats some good s…tuff

Funny how life is eh?  I just had an epiphany moment on my way to the washroom..TMI?  Well deal with it cause it gets better yet!  I am so excited about the future at the moment!!  No no no  not a boy thing, I am still as single as ever, but I my computer cratered yesterday evening.  Yeah cratered into a big dark hole of "I will not be turned on my you again"..5 second flashes of hope and then nothing…but that is not a worry.  I wasn’t phased by it last night at all (suprised the crap outta me…I still am not sure why I am so calm lately?) 

Okay so my moment of utter "Hey that’s exciting!  Lots of work but SOOOO worth it!!" was that I am going to switch my bedrooom and my craftroom.  I will have a computer/art room with a viable workstation and a bamboo rug so I don’t paint up the rug in there.  (I already have the rug!)  And my bedroom I will decorate to make me relaxed and tranquil!! Hmmm… I am thinking Reds and golds… but that is just me LOL  very tranquil eh LOL

"I’m so excited…and I just can’t hide it….!!" 

Well here is a list of my projects for the next few weeks:
1- order a new computer or parts to fix this old one
2- move my NEPHEW downstairs and make a area of soft matts so he can play with lego (gets him out of my living room)
3- play Dance Dance Re…okay that is fun and not a project..but  I am gonna do it
4- watch the Mummy 3… though it seems odd that they have to go dig up another legendary mummy…
5- finish reading Jerimiah.. and process the info in some manner
6- well who knows but it is going to be fun!!!
7- live life looking through Anne Shirley’s eyes and see excitement and LIFE everywhere
8- quit wondering what people mean when we say


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