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The ones that came before

The ones that came before

The ones that came before us,
before we were even a twinkle in the eye
The ones that loved our parents
the ones that shaped their lives

what treasures they did bring
what joys their children sing
the treasured moments of warmth and mirth
we shall miss upon this earth

but in our hearts we hold them still
helping to guard against the chill
to warm the heart and calm the mind
to teach us all who are left behind

they taught us patience, and the joy of life
the time they gave in sacrifice
to little hands and questioning minds
to show us about the tie that binds

Our family shaped by the past
a tie that binds and shall ever last
a firm foundation squarely set
thank the Lord when needs are met

Theresa Feb 19, 2009

In memory of our grandparents who have to leave us.  God bless you and encourage you.  May His love wrap you in a cloak of love and grace as you grieve. 

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