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Getter Done!

I decieved myself
I can blame no one else
though I want to blame
it’s still the same

Who was that masked man in the room?
What was he doing? and to whom?
He stole my last spark and flame
and still there is no one else to blame

Why can’t people say what they mean?
and yet I am part of the scene
ever looking never finding
obvious truth never minding

Reminds me of a different place
a moment that came and left a trace
a track a scar if you will
sometimes life is  all too still

What to know and what to feel?
why does wantings seem so real?
it has a taste, a sound, a scent
makes my life get really bent

Still onward with this cackling throng
though it does seem really wrong
no one to blame but myself
better than being on a shelf

left to rot and tarnish so
no one see and nothing grows
a heart of stone, eyes with tears
I WILL rise above all these fears

no one to blame but myself
as I said before, I can blame no one else
I am the one that opened the door
released my heart and wanted more

no one to blame, it’s part of life
living, breathing sacrifice
no guarantee that they will see
but gave anyway, it is part of me

with out reaching out you’ll never find
that dream which dances through your mind
so with no one to blame your life is yours
make your choices and finish your chores!

Theresa Feb 17 2009


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