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Travels and daydreams Jan 5 2009

I find this life a journey, but where does it lead…my GPS will not tell me.  My Christian compass says the where the final destination will be, but find myself wondering about the how do I get there part.  And will I walk alone..I’m pretty much tires of that question.  I feel a change coming as well, a time when I will have to stand up and take account of things I have left unattended for too long.  A change of season perhaps.


So far my trip has gone well.  I had a good visit with my niece and her family, as well as a tour of Factor Forms with Luke as my guide.  He was quite different than I imagined, tall…way tall and really young too.  I met Perry, who was not at all what I imagined..he tried closing his eyes whilst I talked so he could picture me…but it didn’t work for him…too funny.  Brenda-Jane came out of a meeting to shake my hand and I met Janice and Jennifer who have both helped me in the past and were fun to meet.  It seemed like a fun place to work..the office space was quite a different world from the back printing area.  Like blue collar vs white collar all in one place.  AND I DIDN’T GET MY DANISH loll..


well night night… I’ll try and get Internet tomorrow to post this.


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