Thought conveyance portal.


Evil seeps into the core
waiting, wanting, taking more
Nothing left but strips and pain
wanting less…but then again

hope fights back into the dawn
just when evil seems to have won
Light bursting on the scene
enlightening what might have been

Truth is seen of what once was
time we learned to take a pause
to see things clearly for what they are
to hear the truth that we are not that far

Not far from a distant shore
not far from truth that does restore
not lost forever to the flood
but washed clean by His cleansing blood

Dance in the truth, dance in the light
let’s not give up on this fight
though things may not flow as planned
let’s trust in His out stretched hand

The Spirit of His living word
Equips us like a honest sword
The sword of truth none the less
Let’s trust in His graciousness

Theresa Janzen Feb 10 2009

Man I keep pushing and trying … I found myself being a nag yesterday and I was like… WHAT ..stop that girl!  So I got quiet and kind of wanted to run away and hide.  But I didn’t, well not right away.  I am proud to say I shut up though, I wish I wasn’t so easily duped by myself into thinking things are different than face value.  I will try and remember things are face value.  When did I stop being a friend and start being..well something else?

I want nothing less than Jesus love and righteousness…  (I am not sure if that is correct or not LOL…it is from a song)  Honestly I want to be an encouragement to people and a honest, positive, loving witness.  I really do not know if I am, for I am often depressed, oblivious, jealous, tired, overwhelmed, self-righteous (well… I try not to express this one)… and so many negatives how can I be positive?  I focus so much on the one thing I forget to hear other people about other things.

I’ll try again 🙂  That is all I can do.  When things do not make sense go back to what you KNOW to be TRUE and start again. 


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