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Chirp Chirp Rubber Duckie

Something strange was happening today in a quiet PA office cubicle…  There was a sound..a cricket chirping merrily…  The poor thing was lost it would seem, lost in a world of files and cubicle dwellers.  Hard working government officials running to and fro..and in the midst a cricket?   Or was it?  The sound was there, the cubicle dweller frazzled by it’s loving chirps… However in a cubicle not so far away sat a smirking giggling fellow, and in Canada a giggling gal full of mirth at 6:30am.  What connection you may ask?

Hmmm…  This entire scene was deviously, cheerfully created by and a credit card.  Want to know more of this fiendish plot to frazzle the nerves of American office workers during this time of economic concern?  Well it was more a plot to entertain an office worker as he prepares to move into a 8×8 cube with no windows.  Was it a success, indubitably so!!  And man it made me feel better as well… I mean some unknown Canadian gal..yeah. 

The tools required… a Straight-man, a dupe-able party and a Annoyatron…plus e-mail so the mirth could be shared!!

Terrifying Tera once again manipulates a fiendish friend to cause mischief in places her limited arm can reach…plus she can’t keep a straight face so she need a collaborator to execute the plan and then be blamed….or credited with it’s success… yeah



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