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A poem ~ The beauty of a child

Beauty fair, beauty mild
tis the kind we see in a child
their gentle smile and warm hearts too
the way the know how to blow a kazoo

Trusting ways and innocence dear
tis why moms and dads hold them near
to keep them safe from harm and pain
and yet knowing they will feel it just the same

The beauty of a child’s heart
is a gift we have had from the start
Jesus said let them come
and I pray His will be done

He is calling still for His children here
wanting waiting that they draw near
Near enough to see the scars
near enough to know His love is ours

So be a child meek and mild
know that the Father loves His child
He acts in ways to guide you home
but gives you freedom of your own

Draw close to Him take His hand
you can be sure of what He has planned
Wanting so much to ease your fears
and wipe away all your tears

Theresa FEB 03, 2009


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