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YIKES! Why did I say yes???

I was hounded into… okay I got one call and the caller badgered…okay so she asked me if I would be willing to judge 4H public speaking…  Seeing the opportunity to influence young minds in an effort to take over the WORLD..*cough*.. um…I mean not seeing any reason I shouldn’t nor couldn’t I said "okay, that should work".

Now I am wondering what makes me a fit person to judge public speaking?  I tried googling for tips… I got this…

Americain 4H score sheet

Now it did not help waylay my concerns.   I like that word waylay  …

way⋅layˈweɪˌleɪ, weɪˈleɪ/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [wey-ley, wey-ley] Show IPA Pronunciation

–verb (used with object), -laid, -lay⋅ing.


to intercept or attack from ambush, as in order to rob, seize, or slay.

to await and accost unexpectedly: The actor was waylaid by a swarm of admirers

What was I wondering about now…  Oh yeah my 4H discourse…  if I may name it so formally….. It’ll be fine.. I’ll post picture woot woot


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