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NO!! DO NOT READ… well okay lol

Don’t let me blog…. OH NO I A LOOSE!!!

Okay I lost it again.  My brain keeps escaping and then I am driven in directions that I shouldn’t push..and I talk in this code because I want to say something but I don not know how or to whom…  I push too much sometimes, and things are not about me.  I am in so big of a hurry that I am missing life.

I sure hope the bean I am pushing doesn’t notice, and just lets it roll off.  If it is not the direction the bean wants to go I sure hope they roll successful out of the way and let me crash in a ruined heap of broken dreams .  Cause that is the only way I can get the opportunity to shake off the dust and stand up straight with a new direction .  I would sure hate to have the bean pop under pressure and squirt all over in a horrible mess…    I word pictures

LOL Robert is right.. he keeps saying I think too highly of my affect on the world, but as I am a pebble thrown in a pond I make ripples.  When I think of it I am more like a cat throw in a bath tub… not only do I make ripples but a lot of noise and a big huge mess too! 

Lord Grant me the serentity to change the things I can the grace to accept the things I can’t and the wisdom to know the difference.  And Lord if the end is nigh, let me know.  Dogs are irritable, people are irritable… dark and dreary days seem to be here, help me be oblivious to the darkness and dwell in Your light. 


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