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MM I am doing somethign right LOL…oops just not spelling


According to a recent article I just read on nutrition,
they said eating right doesn’t have to be complicated. Nutritionists say there
is a simple way to tell if you’re eating right. Colors. Fill your plates with
bright colors. Greens, reds, yellows.
In fact, I did that this morning. I
had an entire bowl of M&M’s. It was delicious! I never knew eating right
could be so easy.
I now have a whole new outlook on life.


I signed up to get a joke a day …today this was the one..LOL!!  I can’t eat
M&Ms something about them is not agreeable with my belly, and my body
processes them way way way to fast…TMI?  You don’t want to know what "goodies"
do then!


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