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I got ripped off by false advertising…

I recently saw a commercial… so I bought the product used as indicated and blast it all … no man fell through my roof in a bubble bath!!… oh well perhaps "good things" will still happen, but in a different way 😛

"Whack It… Don’t Tap It!"

is one of the few indulgences that I enjoy. I’m guaranteed to get one
or two in my stocking and I will usually buy one while I’m doing my
Christmas shopping then I’m good for another year.

What I like
about it? Well, it’s orange flavored chocolate which is yummy. One or
two wedges will do me all day. Hello, it’s milk chocolate. What’s not
to love.

This delectable chocolate originated in the UK and used
to only be available seasonally here but it has since become so popular
it is available year round in many countries.

They make
hilarious commercials (as you will see below) to promote it. One of my
favorite involves a young chap sitting in his livingroom, bored and
about to whack his orange (get your mind out of the gutter). He whacks
his Terry’s Chocolate Orange so hard that the lady in the apartment
above falls through the ceiling with her tub where she’s having a
bubble bath (mind can return to the gutter). Totally cute and works
with one of their slogans: "When you whack a Terry’s Chocolate Orange,
Good Things Happen".


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