Thought conveyance portal.

>>> This is a brief announcement<<<

Theresa has, from this moment on, decided she will not forget her IPod when heading out to the place of her employment.  Research has shown that music relaxes and refreshes.  Now Though Theresa’s Pod is filled with way more interesting Genres then the normal person can fathom and tends to be an irritation more than a relaxant to those trapped helplessly inside her vehicle on long journeys, to her it is entertainment for the whole family and a pleasure to behear it(well you can’t behold it). 
This day the 14th of January in the year of our Lord 2009, Theresa happened to forget her Pod at her home in the hamlet of La Crete.  What would seem like a minor incident has actually caused pain and suffering on many many people.  E-mails have been sent and threats made.  Accents have been used and various other mechanisms of humorous antics have been engaged, not to mention the long winded diatribes she has concocted over a seemingly short 8hr work day.
Her improper use of words that she likes yet does not know their fun meaning and the rate at which she looses her train of thought…  um.. 
Hey all The day is 3/4 done.. Huzzah to the fourth quarter and tip tip to those of you who didn’t have work today.  May you freeze your unmentionables and then dance on the snow!!  Um.. I mean.. I hope used your time well and appreciated the freedom you had..yeah that is it… uh huh.  
Why am I so yacky… and I talked to real live people today too??  Scary… well they were scared by my twisted sense of humor and evil laugh…. 
LOL  note how it said brief announcement… well if you have read this far and didn’t erase it after the first line then I have been victorious.  Please indicate my victory by e-mailing a short "Theresa is the best, and she puts our friendship to the test!"  Then send me 50.00 in small unmarked bills.  Thank you, this has been a paid ad by me…  well actually you if you pay.. I mean when you pay..  Are you paying attention at least… sigh…. when will I ever learn…when will I eeeeever learn? (that was a rhetorical question.. you need not answer it)


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