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Mountain Wings issue # 8357

I sat in the movies last night. Unfulfilled.
I was Gooberless.
My normal ritual is to go to the movies and purchase a pack of
Goobers (well two packs if you must know) and enjoy them while
I watch the movie. I often have a problem with my wife sticking
her hand out for some. I’m not a stingy man but those are MY
Goobers. Generosity has its limits.
I had to go to a different theater to see the movie and guess
what? They didn’t sell Goobers. No other candy substitutes for
Goobers, so either it’s Goobers or nothing.
I sat there and realized three MountainWings Moments.
1. I was a grown (supposedly mature) man sitting there
unfulfilled because of the lack of candy. A thing that I knew
beyond question was not healthy.
2. Who you hang around with influences you greatly. My wife
is now in love with Goobers and seriously threatens my supply.
3. Perhaps many of the things that we want and don’t have it’s
a doggone good thing that we don’t have them.
Often, we are better off with nothing than something that’s not
good for us.
Much better off.

* So I am going to focus on watching the movie and forget about all the Goobers I do not have.  LOI…perhaps it is an inside joke…   Goobers ..*snicker snicker*


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