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Yahoo!!  Victorious day!!

I actually solved a couple of problems today…and I have time to order some stuff from SEARS!!  I actually worked through a big job and got it done…well till the point that the customer needs to respond to me now.

My trip to C is a bit up in the air again this year so all I know for certain is that I will not be at home from Jan 3 – Jan 9.  I will be going south, and have a tour at a company we work with planned in Edmonton.  I am not sure what else I will be doing…  I sure hope I can find some family to visit and some fun stuff to do besides West Ed mall.. 

I guess it is time to see what shows are in E and C… then I can see what I plan to do.  If I drive to C then I would hope to stay somewhere for 3 nights.  Man…I wish I could just jump on board with someone else and go somewhere fun.  

Well one victory for today.. well one for me and one for a friend!!  GO GO R!! 


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