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Look to the Light for He is there,

Look to the light in your friend sitting there,
look deep inside, it glimmers in here

We have the power to make a spark grow,
or we have the power to put it out in the snow

Look to the Son and you will find
His love ever flowing to every mind

He shows us shadows where we fall short
but He encourages growth and love of that sort

He calls us to love the differences we see
the differences between you and me

So where you are sitting just look around
do you see people or just cold hard ground?

We are in this together… don’t you know?
We are to fight the good fight and learn and grow!

To comfort and to forgive, with love and fire
Don’t wait to long sitting in the mire

to wallow in contempt or bitterness cold
Why not forgive before you are too old

When life is half spent and drained away
and you have no clue if you’ll live out today

Come find the Son, and His streets of gold
Come find the Father and a hand to hold

Reach out your hand, you know to whom
to the person you have looked on with gloom

Rise up and see the life like Christ’s
He gave His all as a sacrifice!

No time to waste no day to soon
To be forgiven and pulled out of the tomb.



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