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Ashamed .. yeah it does reveal a multitude of beliefs

The more things a man is ashamed of,
the more respectable he is.
~George Bernard Shaw~

I am reminded of when my family was visiting cousins from the south.  My brothers were talking to my cousin and his girlfriend in his bedroom.  The girl was horsing around and fell backwards on the bed. Her skirt flew up and my brothers looked away to save her pride.  She was so surprised by their reaction, she was so used to boys grabbing the opportunity for a free peek.  She would not have held it against them if they had just looked, but she held it to their credit that they didn’t.  They chose to treat her like a lady.

Well it is Friday folks!!  And tomorrow is Moonlight Madness…aka Mennonite Madness as the locals call it at times.  All stores are open Noon till 10pm.  I am working 2pm-10pm this year, and wearing my Merry Christmas cowboy hat with the white fluffy stuff on it.  I am not so excited about the day, but feel confident that it will go well.

Now off to prepare!!  Ho Ho Ho… 


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