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40 days now a purpose!!

Is this Windows Live??  Looks around her site… It’s so different..and they got rid of the statistics so now I can not see who is looking at me??

Okay that’s all good

My 40 day secret…  Well it ended November 29th.  It was just 40days that I activily sought to pray for my friends.  I had a reminder to keep me in that frame of mind.  I think I learned quite a bit about me, and about not worrying giving it to God.  Again I learned it is not about me.  What a simple thing that I need daily reminding of. 

God has been so kind to me as of late, even when I hit the depths of despair and was having dark thoughts, He was planning a way to throw me a line to haul me out of there.  Reminding me I have been blessed with much.  He is helping me repair, refresh and grow friendships in a assertive positive way.  I want to be the Iron as Rach calls me, but to do so means to be willing to speak the truth in love.  The truth hurts at times, but love heals.


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