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Me Oh My… 2am is harsh

I know what I am gonna do the next time I log onto 12ds… YAWN… and see how long it takes to make veryone else go to sleep…  I choose nto to fix typos to day.  I am too tired to do it… rats I fixed one out of habit…  sigh…

 I am not staying up late anymore… well maybe one more time… 😛

This has been another good day.  I have had some bad news, some friends of mine are seaperating and then divoricing… sad news.  Not much I can do to change it, I asked if they were sure, and they said yes, tha tthye had been in a slwo decline.  My Christian beliefs say try it out!!  My idealistic mind says there has to be a way.. you olved each other once.  My compasionate mind says. "Theresa… they are in the situation..don’t you think they have tried!"  So I leave it to them, as they are the ones in control, and they know all the details.  Such a hard discesion.. at least they made it together and were no kids involved.

Man I just can not spell desicion.. is that right? 


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