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Adventures in the life of a quirky Christian single woman

Now when I  say adventure I mean a "voyage into the imagination and a trip out into a humorous and silly world"  well that is what I mean this time around.  Some people would not have called it an adventure…but with me life is an adventure.  I find that if one does not make an attempt to find enjoyment and humour in the ordinary you will often miss the extra-ordinary things. 

Jye and I slept in and then had lunch, which started off with talk of boys and the convos with them.  We ordered breakfast and enjoyed it thoroughly.  Then we headed off to the "Bargain Shop" where we each managed to spend over 50.00.  Then to the "Backdoor gift company" and the drug store.  I bought snow and puzzles for gifts.  If I can get Sirlong’s address I will send him snow for Christmas.

Then we zipped over to UFA for cat food…  did I mention that at the first store I bought a red Christmas cowgirl hat?  And that I wore it the rest of the day??  I guess I missed that part..but it is integral to the plot!!  integral!!

After UFA we went to Fields where I picked up a sexy green shirt and lick on…i mean temporary tattoos…just for fun\!  Plus some juice in wine bottles for when I am in the mood to pop a cork 🙂

Then we drove the 20min to Mrs. F’s to practice the songs we were singing for worship in church on Sunday.  This was great, Mrs. F’s place is so wonderfully relaxing.   It is a log cabin at the foothills of the Buffalo Head Hills.  A picturesque local and the hostess is equally comforting and calming.  She would have had us stay for supper, but her hubby is not big on surprises lol.

Then we were off to BHP store just too snoop around.  I found the coolest little pink booties to sent to a friend who just had a baby girl.  Well they are moccasins, but soo cute!  We purchased some snaky food and headed back to town.  I was getting a bit of a headache…either from the need of food, the hat or a sore that I have.  The food helped, and Tylenol took care of the rest.

We ate supper with Tammy and Roxy.  Played "mad gab"  and "things in a box".  We laughed our backsides off!!  Had such a great time then wound down with a movie…I cried.  It was the life story of Thomas Kinkade .  It is very inspirational and the moral of the story "paint the light" or look for the good.

Then it was off to home to rest for Sunday…

Yep a real whirlwind adventure!!

I also learned that the first question I should ask a guy when I am interested is not "are you single?" but rather "do you know Jesus?".  Because in all honesty it is the second question that is most important no matter what the relationship ends up being.  Good people need to know the Lord as well.The power just went off… this should be an interesting Monday LOL!!


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