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Nonsense by Splatigoria

Frankly fairies fart fabulous fluffs of furry feline fur.  Yep I broke the F barrier..  I went to far for my own fun.  I have a chip on my shoulder and I "let" myself get hurt feelings…  Blast it all I want to be a duck!!

I want to be a duck

not a chicken who will cluck

not a goose that will honk

nor a ostrich to hide my face

I want to be a duck!!

to water roll off my back

To be quacked and know why

to float on by

not a thought or a giggle

nor a nerd nor be fickle

to know what I am

to swim on again

I want to be a duck

Hey guess I am in luck

lessons I can learn

from the fowl term

Duck duck goose??

Hell let me loose!!

To run to laugh

to buzz on past..

to cry or fly

Oh me oh my…

I gave up on this poem…

it has a mind of it’s own

where it goes who cares

we will find ourselves there

At home

my home

my tomb

my grave

look there He reaches to save

He calls out now

His hand reaching and his eyes seeking


**I want to be hopeful, and honest, and nice… is it such a sacrifice?  19 days left and somehow I’m sliding back…to where clue do I have… just chips and bruises and tears in a glass.


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