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20 something :)


Funny what you find if you google a number….  I found some funnies I will probably e-mail… and a hottie for the ladies LOL.  Just funny what comes up from jokes to presidents to muscle builders…  Just funny.

Well to celebrate this auspicious occasion I am just gonna say that now the hard part begins…  And if it was only 20 min and not 20 days LOL.  I know I said yesterday that I wasn’t going to make it tougher each blah blah blah days…but God does not want me to stay the same but to grow, this requires change…so I will change.  My plan is to read a chapter in the morning and in the evening…plus less 12.  12 has taken over my life in ways you would not …yeah you will believe.  Too much of a good thing can be bad…maybe I’ll start taking 12 and the people there for granted like I did my friends here.  It is better to appreciate them more when I am on then to get annoyed over little things that really don’t matter.

We are short staffed at work so the chances of me traveling anywhere are zilch…maybe after Christmas.  I know that next year one of our staff is going to quit to go to college…more power to him, but I want to have another person trained in Cell. Phones by then…but "upper-management" does not see the need to hire anyone new.  We have days when we run a skeleton crew already, what if someone gets sick?  I know I know…don’t worry just pray…and pray with out ceasing.  I will…you pray too for what is worrying you.  Together we will quit worrying 😛  and go on more holidays LOL.


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