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Day 19 Woot tomorrow is the middle!!

Tomorrow is day #20 in my thing that I am not talking about… it is hard to talk around something when one really wants to talk about it.  So far I have only mentioned to 3 people that I am doing something..but gave none of them details.  In a way it is fun to dangle it out there and make them wonder… Yeah I have a mean streak..well more devious than mean.  Julie tried her best to make me talk yesterday, but nope she didn’t get it out of me.  I realize that when I finally reveal what I actually am doing during this time they will just smile and let it go.

Well I imagine your curious as to what I am doing and what I have learned eh?  Well me too… To be honest I have been sick for 14 days of it, and am just starting to recover from that.  Life changes I have made are starting dance lessons (I learned I don’t know how to dance LOL or relax…sigh.. give me time I’ll be fine.  Also that I am not as flexible as I used to be..but still not too bad.)  I have definitely complained about those little things that annoy less than before, and I hope to continue on that long after the 40 days.  I scheduled a rest period for me after the 40 days are up.  I am looking forward to spoiling myself in someway.. maybe I’ll give myself the night off of being me??  yeah that sounds like fun… I’ll have to make plans to do something crazy…hard to plan spontinaity…  I am not sure if I will invite anyone to join me, I get the feeling that sometimes people think my ideas are lame… but if they make me excited, laugh or just joyful then they are infact the right thing to do.

Nope I don’t think I have given it away… it is a God thing.  So if your interested stay tuned… I will have to blog something about 20  for tomorrow as it is the middle.  I know some 40 thingers add one thing each day or each week, but I am just trying to be constant… it is enough for this round…  maybe next year I try something else.  🙂


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