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I look for my David

As I looked for my David

in every man’s face

I did not find him

not even a trace


As I looked for my David

I became broken and worn

heart ache so bitter

my faith was torn


As I looked for my David

none did I see

only friends eyes

looking back at me


As I looked for my David

sweet words did I hear

a hope and a promise

were made clear


As I looked for my David

the truth did I see..

I look for my David

as he looks for me


by Theresa Janzen Nov 2 2008


My dad told me a dream he has been having about me.  He has been dreaming that a fellow named Dave is taking me away from La Crete.  I thought it was a sweet dream, and shows one of my dad’s fears.  He told it so sweetly and asked if any of my friends were named Dave, and it wasn’t fear or worry in his voice just fatherly concern.  I think he would be happy if I met someone and I think he would miss me, but would be okay with me leaving with someone I loved.

I wrote the poem because I thought of the statue called "David".  I’m searching for a man…the man.  I have to admit I see why some females look at me like a predator.  If they had confidence in their husbands or significant other then they never seem threatened by me, but some women are threatened because I am looking.  They just have not figured out that I am not looking for a man already committed to another woman..nor are their significant others thinking of me in that manner.  So calm down and let’s be friends…no need to defend your turf.

I am not sure how to stop "looking" but give me time God is not finished with me yet.


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